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I agree, at this moment many companies have anourmous problems, and many do not have the flexibility to grasp the opportunities which present themselve. I am myself in China running an export company. Export has dropped >50% in 2009 and now is about 70% of what it was in 2008. But companies start ordering again. and it feels like a empty playing field here now. And the best thing, it is still in my normal business line. For me, the time to export from China is good. When I would be living in Europe, I would definately export to China.

International Business

I believe that the export market is always available and should be pursued with vigor whether the economy is poor or good, globalization is here to stay and your company should start now or be left behind.

Craig Maginness

Thanks for the comment. I agree completely with your position. This post was prompted in part by a pull back from international expansion that I began to see from some of the people in my international business development classes in response to the global financial crisis and its ramifications. As in many cases (such as buying stocks when the market has been red hot and is overpriced and dumping stocks at the bottom of a correction) people's natural reaction to changes in the business environment is not always the most rational.


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