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Chuck Stull

Here in Uruguay, I frequently see Sao Paolo referred to as San Pablo-- in conversation, and even on airport schedules.

Craig Maginness


Thanks for the comment -- as I said, the phenomenon is not unique to the US. It would be interesting to hear from others as well as to how foreign cities are referred to in different parts of the globe.

I trust you are enjoying Uruguay. I've had some great trips there -- among them was one where a customer asked me at dinner whether I bowled (which I do). He was so excited to hear that I shared his passion for 10 pins, he insisted that we do some kegling (my word, not his) after dinner. In 28 years of business travel, it was only the second time I went bowling with a customer, and the only time I've done so outside the US.

I know that's an odd thing to take back from a city as beautiful as Montevideo -- I did have other experiences there as well, but that one was certainly unique.


Joe Wilson

great article, got a laugh in there.. Yes here in Oregon we do get picky about the pronunciation.. Ahh my tomatoes are finally blooming. What I wait for every year. That first taste of home grown tomatoes..

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