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I completely agree. Paying bribes is simply bad business. What amazes me is how some people brag about doing it as though it is some sort of mark of their sophistication or worldliness. It is not.

I have seen many companies go from being "friends" with the governor or some other politico to being kicked out of a country after the governor's term ends (either prematurely or otherwise). I have also been made aware (many times actually) of incidents where companies have paid bribes to get something "done smoothly" and the time it takes is not one minute faster than it takes for those who do not make the payment.

The other thing about companies that pay bribes is that they get hooked in with people who are more concerned about partaking in corruption than in getting things done and it becomes nearly impossible to break free.

Great post!

Craig Maginness


Thanks for the comments and the link in your related post. Corruption is such a pervasive issue, but it's just bad business.


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