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"We are waiting and hoping for a democratic revolution in Cuba"

On the whole, I'd prefer democratic evolution and reform, to an actual revolution.

People tend to die in revolutions, and the governments that they put in place often don't stay democratic for all that long.

Craig Maginness

Dear ACB:

Thanks for checking in. I absolutely agree with your point that a violent overthrow in which people die is not the answer. According to the relevant definitions in Websters, a revolution is "a fundamental change in political organization" or "activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation." While it is sometimes accomplished by para-military means, that is not a necessary ingredient of a revolution.

My hope is that engaging Cuba in trade will provide the basis for the development of a middle class with a stake in the outcome of policy decisions which will in turn provide the necessary underpinnings for a democratic transformation. If you are more comfortable calling that an evolution instead of a revolution, I'm ok with that.

I infer from your post that you agree that the change taking place in China provides a reasonable model for this kind of transition -- which was another one of my points and the among the reasons for referring readers to your excellent blog on China. Keep up the great work.


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