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A tribute deserving of Ted Levitt. I first learned of Ted Levitt and his work a couple of years ago when I began researching "Youth and Golbalizetion: Opportunites and Chalenges". I found his ideas very seminal and insightful; markets and thier increasing role as determining the shape of the world [temporal and spcial] as well as in shaping our thinking of the globalizing world were particulary influential.
May I did not know any better to try to challenge his ideas. From a perspective of a national of one of the poorest countries in the world, I found the proposition that markets are the inevitable movers or rather horses while the rest of the global arena is destined to follow the direction set for it by the markets ...anachronistic as governments play [at least in my country] a pre-eminent role.
Thanks for the contribution; it provided me with a better understanding of the world of free market and enterprises.

Craig Maginness


Thanks for the comment. As you can tell from the lack of recent posts, I haven't had much time to blog recently, but I am glad that existing posts continue to have relevance and impact.

Should you check back in to see your comment published, perhaps you would be willing to share the name of the country in which you live. Of course the fact that you are able to use the internet to access what would otherwise be foreign and distant perspectives on the power of markets and consumers says alot about the potential power of information in the internet age to broaden perspectives and maybe even empower people in seemingly disconected places.

All the best,

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