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Craig Maginness has been engaged in international sales and marketing and operations for over 25 years. He uses that experience as an author, speaker, consultant, trainer, and educator.


I've been a lawyer and a business executive engaged in aspects of international business for over 25 years -- and as a million mile lifetime flier on United (to say nothing of the miles I've racked up on the world's airlines from Alitalia to Lott to North China Air), I've got the road wear to show for it.

As a business executive, I've:

- directed international sales and marketing for 2 different operating groups of a Fortune 1000 company, developing and implementing export strategies in Latin America, Europe and Asia;

- had complete P&L responsibility for plant operations in Mexico and Europe;

- structured a three party manufacturing/marketing/sales JV in China, and developed the strategic foorprint for greenfielding plants there;

- been division general manager in a large corporation with responsibility for transforming a strictly domestic business into a globally focused operation with sales in Latin America and Asia.

As a lawyer in private practice, I've:

- represented foreign clients on contract and antitrust compliance issues in the U.S.; and

- helped U.S. clients navigate problems abroad.

One of my more enjoyable activities outside of work has come from my association with the World Trade Center here in Denver where I've started a China business council and served as chairman of the board and as president of the Association -- although my favorite activity has been teaching classes in export market entry as part of the WTC Institute's educational programs.

I teach international business as an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, and have also been an adjunct professor at Colorado State University, teaching international business in the graduate school's Executive MBA program. This has been another great opportunity to share lessons learned from my international business career with other business people, some of whom already have international experience themselves and some of whom are just beginning to explore how global markets really impact the businesses in which they are involved.

I've also had the pleasure of speaking on international business issues at conferences organized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Japanese Institute of Labor, local chambers of commerce and economic development groups and other organizations concerned with global business.

I am interested in applying my experience to help businesses, particularly small and medium sized companies, develop international business plans, enter export markets, and manage foreign operations.

If you have found anything of value in my blog, you may want to check out my book "Go Glocal -- The Definitive Guide to Success in Entering International Markets" published April 2018 from Lioncrest Publishing and available in hardcover, paperback and as an e-book on Amazon.